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is a very well known name in Indian Industry, specifically having its presence in Heavy Industries, like Steel, Marine & Offshore, Petrochemicals, Refinery, Power, Oil & Gas, etc. Arcum Group of Companies is responsible for its specific operation in respective fields - Arcum Engineering (P) Ltd, is involved in heavy industrial sector like Steel, Petrochemicals, Refinery, Power, Oil & Gas, etc., Arcum Marine Services (P) Ltd, is involved in Marine & Offshore Services. 


Arcum Group offers latest technologies from world leading manufacturers backed by dedicated techno-commercial services to core sectors such as Steel, Marine and Offshore, Aluminium, Power, Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, and other allied industries.


Arcum is involved in turnkey contracts as a consortium partner of overseas Principals and Technology Suppliers from different parts of the world. It involves contracting and sourcing indigenous equipment in accordance with international high quality standards. Arcum also undertakes complete erection and commissioning jobs for such projects.

Arcum owes its outstanding performance to its team of engineers and executives with profound techno-commercial expertise. The team consists of Product Specialist for key Principals, Account Managers for key Customers and Industry wise Experts for focused approach. The company instils a deep sense of responsibility in each of the members of its team who works with great freedom for self-motivated operation.

Arcum works as extension office of Principal's marketing department in India. It believes in implementing sound procedures and caters to specific needs of customers, which has gone a long way towards catapulting the company into the league of leaders. The company delivers periodical updates to customers and principals - a measure that ensures increased focus and effective performance.

Arcum's whole working system is professionally managed with laid down procedures for each operation which is constantly improved with feed backs from its team and practical experiences. All the offices are strategically located all over the country in major cities, close to industrial towns. A group of engineers and executives are suitably posted at these offices to fulfill the need of each region independently.

Arcum has been chosen to represent  world's leading manufacturers in the respective fields because of its commitment to Total Quality Management. Customers and Principals find Arcum a reliable partner due to its positive approach for providing timely practical solutions in any situation to save valuable time and money. Arcum's steady growth over last two decades is evident of its undisputed leadership in its field.

Arcum undertakes erection and commissioning of supplied equipment as well as offers quick spot service calls to provide timely and effective solutions during and after warranty period by its service engineers who are trained at Principal's works abroad. Arcum also coordinates visits of technical experts from Principals periodically to end-users to apprise them on technical issues, new developments and sharing of experiences, which helps in better maintenance practice and optimum usage of equipment.

Arcum has formed strong partnerships with the world's leading manufacturers in respective fields. Most of the Principals are associated with Arcum for decades, which prove the trust and commitment from both sides. These factors have combined to make Arcum the premier source of world's renowned technologies.

The growing goodwill of Arcum is made evident by its rising number of customers and repeat orders. The company's  Principals and clients have been recommending it to others in view of its great reputation and world class services. This has also helped in expanding the customer base even outside the country.

Arcum keep stocks of critical and standard spare parts locally to help the customers for easy availability and faster delivery of spares in local currency.

Arcum organizes conventions for its Principals for them to demonstrate their product and developments to all customers at one forum. Arcum also participates in exhibitions in India to exhibit Principal's latest technologies as well as regularly updates its knowhow by attending exhibitions and conferences all over the world. Periodical internal sales conferences are regularly organized for knowledge sharing, informal interaction and motivation, amongst colleagues.