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Marine & Engineering India




M.A.T. Malmedie Antriebstechnik GmbH, Germany

Drum Couplings for EOT Cranes.

Tecno Vibrazioni Venanzetti Srl, Italy

Vibrating Screens & Feeders.

TPS-Technitube Rohrenwerke GmbH, Germany

Seamless, Stainless Steel & Nickel Alloy Tubes.
Heat Exchanger Tubes.
U-Bend Tubes.
Special Alloy Pipe & Fitting.

Ameridrives International, USA

Couplings for Turbine & Compressors.

Kingsbury, Inc. USA

Journal & Thrust Bearing for Turbine & Compressors.

Kobe Steel, Ltd, Japan

Cold Box / Brazed Aluminum Plate fin Heat Exchanger.

KAPP, France

Welded Plates Heat Exchangers

Silvio Fossa S.p.A., Italy

Customable and big dimensions hydraulic cylinders and actuators
Special and complex machining

Brown Fintube France S.A., France

Hairpin Heat Exchanger
Vertical Bayonet Vaporizer